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Welcome to Bharat Milling Industries

We are one of the leading manufacturer of PVC Heat Shrinkable sleeves from last 16 years. We have a state of the art manufacturing facilities with latest fully automatic technology machines. We are supplying the sleeves in all type and range as per customers requirements, like These sleeves are being supplied in rolls, cut pcs, preformed cap forms in all colours in transparent as well in opaque with reverse and surface printting.

Our Products are as Under

PVC Seals : For SC valves of LPG Cylinders
Electrical Grades Sleeves : To shrink wrap Capacitors and Busbar
Packaging Grade Sleeves : used in Pharma, Cosmetic, Food, Pesticide industries.
Label Grade Sleeves : Upto 6 colours as a Reverse Printed Sleeves.

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After establishing our best quality material in India, now we are start exporting our material to Dubai and South Africa. Due to our best quality material and prompt supply we are getting repeat orders from above countries and also getting number of enquiries.

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